7 months ago

Why is Drupal one of the safest CMS systems?

Drupal is an open-source platform that has a cult following. It’s backed by a community of users who are passionate about improving the platform, and it’s one of the easiest ways to build a website.

Since its initial release on January 15, 2001, it’s cemented itself as the safest platform. The Drupal Security Team plays an extremely important role in this matter. The team’s tasks include: resolving reported security issues and providing and updating documentation on website security
They can help increase the security of your systems. This guide explains the safety benefits that you’ll get from Drupal Agency.

Fast security updates

Drupal quickly detects any potential threats before they occur. The Drupal Security Team is knowledgeable in providing secure updates to the platform. They publish the updates immediately, so you don’t have to worry. This allows them to patch any threats that pose a risk to your website.

Advanced autorization & authentication

Drupal maintains a flexible access control system and user rights management. This allows for the integration of authorization and authentication systems into Drupal. Users are required to authenticate with a username and password. Or, they can use remote access with a username and password via Delphi, Jabber, or another Drupal website.

Secure coding practices

The Drupal Security Team uses the best practices to decrease potential security risks and vulnerabilities. Their job includes regular code reviews and application of these practices. Your website always uses the latest coding, so it’s not prone to hackers or cybercriminals. No one can remove your website or change the coding.

Bug reports

Bug reports are always relevant and up-to-date. Developers and users can use it to report any potential issues. Each report adheres to Drupal’s quality and standards. Before creating an issue, the Drupal Security Team will review any existing issues and watchdog errors.

Open-source & community

Drupal’s source code is public, which means it’s available to everyone. You get access to the open-source platform that connects you with a community of Drupal users. This allows for broader security inspections and auditing activities.

You can download, modify, and use the code under the GNU Public License. Another advantage is that Drupal doesn’t charge users for licensing and maintenance. They removed these unnecessary costs.

Presently, there are over 1.3 million users on the platform. With a diverse range of users working together to improve Drupal, the digital experience is getting better. Drupal sets itself ahead of the other CMS platforms for a reason.

Automated security testing

Security is Drupal’s main priority. It tests highly regulated sites for public service industries like healthcare and government agencies. Not following these strict digital security standards ruins relationships with your customers and leads to costly legal fees.

Companies like Fannie Mae, the State of Georgia, and Steward Health Care rely on Drupal to maintain trust with their customers. Also, the open-source community often conducts security testing to identify potential issues. They address the problems long before the official updates roll out.

Putting it together

Drupal is the best way to protect your website. The Drupal Security Team works around the clock to ensure it’s safe and reliable. To maintain that security, you should also work with professionals by requesting a website audit and use support.

However, to secure your website as best as possible, you should cooperate with Drupal agency on a daily basis. Droptica’s experts can maintain your Drupal website, ensure its security, and perform updates. In addition, they can also provide additional programming services as part of ongoing cooperation, such as adding a new integration or creating a new landing page.