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4 Important Factors to Weigh In When Choosing a Lobby Sign For Your Business

You’ve heard that old saying – you never get a second chance at a first impression, right? Well, that quirky little nugget of wisdom doesn’t just apply to people. It’s a major truth bomb for businesses too.

Think about it this way: when someone strolls into your storefront or lobby for the very first time, those first few seconds are crucial. Their initial gut feelings, vibes, and snap judgments about your business are forever imprinted on their brains at that moment. And you know what plays a huge role in shaping those make-or-break first impressions? Your lobby signage.

Before you just throw up some generic plastic lettering, ask yourself the following questions first:

Location, Location, Location

Okay, so you’re on board with making a great first impression through awesome lobby signage. The next biggie is placement. Where exactly should those signs go for maximum impact? The answer is: wherever eyes naturally get drawn first when someone enters your space.

For most offices and lobbies, that prime real estate is the front feature wall – you know, that big, blank canvas right behind the reception desk. Our eyes just automatically focus there while we’re getting our bearings. Bingo – that’s your signage sweet spot!

But here’s the thing. Not all walls are created equal. The color, texture, lighting…it all affects how your lobby sign will look and how much it will pop. A modern steel and glass exterior calls for something different than a rustic brick or warm wood-paneled wall. Those subtle environmental cues shape the whole vibe.

So as you’re mulling sign designs and materials, be sure to consider the surrounding space. Let the wall surface guide you toward the right materials, colors, and dimensions. A little intentional coordination goes a long way in tying all the elements together into one cohesive, professionally branded welcome mat. Get it right, and your killer new sign will be the first thing to grab attention and make a lasting impression!

Signs That Speak Your Industry’s Language

Another key factor to weigh as you design your lobby signage? Make sure it vibes with the typical look and feel of your specific industry or field. You want something that instantly clues people into what you’re all about.

The signage you’d expect to see at a hip tech startup versus a traditional law firm is going to be pretty different, right? For the startup, you’re probably picturing something bold, modern, maybe even a little playful or irreverent. But at the law office, quiet sophistication and classic styling are more the move.

That’s because, over time, certain visual languages and design aesthetics become associated with different industries and professions. Your customers will have specific expectations and assumptions baked into their brains based on past experiences.

So do a little secret shopping first! Pay attention to the kinds of signs and branding other businesses in your field are using. Make note of trends in colors, fonts, materials, and overall vibe. That’ll give you a head start on creating lobby signs that feel fully at home and on-brand for your specific world.

Of course, you’ll still want to make it your own and put a unique spin on it. But giving a little wink to your industry norms? That’s a straight line to seeming legit and building credibility right out of the gate.

Branding from the Front Door Back

Okay, so we’ve covered location and industry norms for killer lobby signage. But there’s one more biggie we can’t overlook – making sure those signs are an authentic, aligned extension of your overall brand identity.

After all, a business’s branding goes way deeper than just a logo or color scheme. It’s the complete personality and human-ish vibe you’re putting out into the world. The core values, character traits, and distinctive style that define who you are.

That brand essence should be woven through every single customer touchpoint, all the way from your website and marketing right through to…you guessed it…the very first impression someone gets when they walk through your front door. A disconnect anywhere along that journey is just plain confusing and off-putting.

So as you’re dreaming up lobby sign concepts, keep digging into those brand guidelines. What font families, color palettes, and design accents will reinforce your recognizable look? What voice and tone should the wording and visuals convey – classic and buttoned-up or punchy and playful? How can you make sure it’s all feeling cohesive and “on-brand”?

Here’s how I would rewrite that section in a more conversational, relatable style as one of the body points:

Signing On a Budget

Lastly, let’s get one major factor out on the table: money. Because as much as we all want that gorgeous, showstopping lobby sign, budgets are a real thing for most businesses. You’ve gotta keep one eye on the bottom line.

The good news? There are lobby sign options out there to fit virtually any budget. From basic vinyl lettering to upscale dimensional signs with all the bells and whistles, there’s a wide range of materials, production techniques, and price points to choose from.

On the economical end, you’ve got classic plaque-style signs made from acrylic, plastic laminate, or PVC. For a step up in quality and customization, aluminum alphabet letters offer cool font and color combos. At the top of the line, hand-crafted wood, mixed media, and lobby metal signs can be true artistic centerpieces (though be prepared for those price tags).

So get real with yourself about what’s possible financially from the get-go. There’s no sense falling in love with a $20,000 custom sign only to have your dreams crushed later. Knowing your approximate budget range from the start allows you to explore options within your means.

The key is identifying which logo sign, wording, size, and materials will maximize that brand impact while still keeping it realistic. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box for cost-saving ideas! Choosing wisely with your wallet in mind means no regrets or sticker shock later.


There you have it – the keys to nailing that all-important lobby signage experience. By thinking through the location, industry vibes, brand personality, and budget realities upfront, you’ll be equipped to choose signage that makes an awesome first impression.

Because at the end of the day, that sign is way more than just some letters on a wall. It’s your chance to put your best foot forward and get people actively interested and excited about your business from the moment they walk through the door. An opportunity to establish credibility, reinforce your brand’s character, and showcase your attention to detail – or drop the ball entirely.

So don’t overthink it, but don’t underthink it either! Take the time to create lobby signs that genuinely welcome visitors into your world and give them a taste of the full experience to come. Nail that signup-to-sign-out consistency and you’ll be well on your way to turning prospects into loyal customers and brand evangelists.