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All MTN Short Codes in Ghana

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As the leading telecommunications company in Ghana, MTN Ghana boasts a large user base. Its large user base has necessitated the introduction of multiple packages that would best suit the needs of every user. These packages cover all areas of their operations. For instance, certain packages offer reduced talk time upon subscription. Similar offers are available for their other services, such as SMS, Internet bundles, and data. Similar to discovering a hidden treasure, the user must embark on a quest to uncover the innumerable MTN benefits concealed within shortcodes. One thing I can promise is that in this article, you will find MTN shortcodes you have never seen or heard before, and perhaps it would be a good time to try one. 

The MTN short codes are listed below

Sim Details

How to check MTN sim numberDial *156# and choose number 1
How to check if your MTN number is registered*400#
How to check if your MTN Support 4G *585#
Reserve your number for 2 years*1390#

Calls & Data Bundles

DescriptionShort Code
How to check MTN credit balance*124#
How to check MTN data bundle balance*124#
How to recharge MTN airtimeDial *170# and choose number 3
How to transfer MTN credit to another MTN numberDial *198# and follow the process
MTN Mashup Code (Also known as MTN Pulse)Dial *567# and choose number 1
MTN Data Bundle Code including Midnight, Kokrokoo,
Social media bundles, Video bundles, Combo bundle.
MTN free after 1 ( Nkomode )Dial *550# and choose number 6
MTN JaraDial *550# and choose number 3
MTN Just4u ( MTN just for you)*141#
How to borrow MTN creditDial *506#
MTN Free Call 6 months Offer (New Subscribers)*550#
MTN caller tunez3355
Unsubscribe MTN caller TunezSend STOP to 1355
MTN please call me service024xxxxxxx 1 to 1399
How to make MTN pay for me154[0244000000]
Receiving of voice mail109
Sending of voice mail108
WeChat monthly data bundle*1552#
YouTube bundle. For streaming videos on Youtube.*138 * 16#

MTN MoMo ( Mobile Money )

MTN MoMo code*170#
How to allow MTN MoMo CashoutDial *170#
Choose number 4 (Allow Cash out)
How to send money on MTN MoMo Dial *170#
Choose number 1 (Transfer Money)
How to send money from MTN MoMo to other networksDial *170#
Choose number 1 (Transfer Money)
Choose number 5 (Other Networks)
How to check MTN MoMo balanceDial *170#
Choose number 6 (My wallet)
Enter your MoMo Pin
How to fin MTN my approvalsDial *170#
Choose number 6 (My wallet)
Choose number 3 (My Approvals)
Enter your MoMo Pin
Generate Mobile Money ATM token*511#

MTN Customer care

How to call MTN call CenterDial 100
MTN customer care WhatsApp number0554 300 000
How to Report MTN MoMo fraud1515

MTN call and internet settings

How to divert all calls on MTN**21 * 02XXXXXXXX*11#
How to deactivate Call Divert##21#
How to divert MTN calls when Unreachable**62 * 02XXXXXXXX*11#
How to divert MTN calls when busy**67 * 02XXXXXXXX*11#
How to divert MTN calls when no answer**61 * 02XXXXXXXX*11#
Number portability to other networksPORT to 600
Request MTN internet setting*585#
Register MTN Me2U to ShareChoose a 4-digit pin number and send to 1329

Other short codes

Ghana accurate weather forecast (8p/SMS)*455#
Get cool jokes*300 *20 #
Get Silverbird movie scheduleSend MOVIES to 1412
IDD Package*138 *3 #
MTN Farm Direct. Access the best farming tips.30037
MTN Radio1303
To exempt (or include) yourself from mobile money interest payments to your account.*595#

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