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Anabel054 Age, Bio, Nationality, Wiki, Height and Boyfriend

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Anabel054, whose real name is Anabel, is a prominent camgirl on CB and a content creator on platforms such as Onlyfans, Fansly, Loyalfans, among others. She does not do this alone. She has Julia, Kira, Lolla, Vika, Candy, Katy, Sofy, Tina, Zlata, Elice, and Emily who are her close friends and whom she records her videos with. Anabel054 and her group, with their stunning appearances, create a variety of videos that cater to a wide range of preferences.


Anabel054 was born and raised in a humble home with her siblings. As the saying goes, even as a child, you will undoubtedly exhibit signs of who you will become in the future. In this case, Anabel054 demonstrated her interest in becoming a model at a young age. In the present day, she has become a popular camgirl, entertaining thousands of followers. CB is a platform that houses thousands of Camgrils and Camboys. While some cammers require that you access their profiles with a code, the Anabel054 profile is free to access, and when you get interested by viewing her profile, you can join her live cam sessions.


Real NameAnabel
Date of BirthOctober 8, 1997

What is the age of Anabel054? 

Anabel054 was born in Gen Z; that’s the main reason why she is so vibrant when you watch her on the cam. She was born on October 8, 1997, and currently she is 27 years old. It’s very exciting to know she is still young, and I’m hopeful that she will continue to entertain us on CB for many years to come.


The adult film industry places a high value on personal appearance, leading some actors to enhance their bodies to position themselves as possessing unique physical attributes. Anabel054 possesses inherent qualities that enhance her beauty. Take her brunettes’ hair, which runs all the way beyond her shoulders, and her height, which is around 5 feet 6 inches tall. Furthermore, her beautiful tattoo on her left arm complements her appearance to a great degree.

Net Worth

Setting up a professional environment just to kick start camming requires money, so having fans alone cannot be enough grounds for people to start camming careers. Anabel054 took up the opportunity to start camming because she wanted to gain financial freedom, and luckily enough, that is paying off. Currently, her net worth is impressive, and a little computation will help here. Taking into account her length of time in the industry, the number of subscribers she has on CB, and the amount she earns per cam session, we can estimate her net worth to be approximately $470,000.

Who is Anabel054’s boyfriend?

Love is beautiful, and everyone deserves love. The only point of contention lies in the fact that adult stars typically have no interest in romantic relationships. It is common to find their relationship status to be either single or open. The status of Anabel054’s relationship is unknown at the moment, but I hope to learn more soon.

Frequently asked questions

Does Anabel054 have her videos on other platforms apart from CB?

Yes, she only do camming on CB but on other platforms like Onlyfans, Fansly, Loyalfans, Anabel has uploaded different types long videos for her fans to subscribe and watch.

Who are the girls Anabel054 record her videos with?

Anabel054 record group videos with some beautiful ladies who are her friend and work mates. They have gone into agreement to be recording certain videos together to better serve their fans. Here are they names of these girls; Julia, Kira, Lolla, Vika, Candy, Katy, Sofy, Tina, Zlata, Elice, and Emily.

What is the nationality of Anabel054?

She has stated on her CB profile that is from Ukraine which is located in Europe. So, if you are hoping to one day take a selfie with her and perhaps have some hug, then you should be taking the next available flight to Ukraine.

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