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Cheap phone prices at Franko Phones are real

A photo of list of phones for sale at Franko Trading

There are a hundred and one reasons why buying your phone from Franko Phone is better, and buying quality phones at cheaper prices is definitely a good call. Franko Trading, since its establishment in the Ghanaian market, has consistently provided its customers with an array of quality electronic gadgets. Indeed, those in the know would attest to Franko Trading’s pioneering role in the sale of high-quality electronic products, despite the presence of equally competent competitors such as Freddies Corner and Melcom.

What does Franko Trading sell?

Customers naturally associate phones with the Franko brand name, but the company offers more than just phones. You can talk about computers, fridges, cameras, televisions, printers, and more. 

What are the phone prices on Franko phones?

Franko Phones sells nearly all of Ghana’s popular phone brands. You can buy phones from brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Infinix, Tecno, Nokia, Xiaomi, Itel, TCL, and many others. Whatever products you buy from Franko come brand new in the box with their accessories. The following is a list of phone models and their prices at Franko Trading.

Alcatel phone prices at Franko Phones

PhonePrice in Cedis
ALCATEL 1T7 (4G) 9013TGH₵ 660

Huawei phone prices at Franko Phones

PhonePrice in Cedis
HUAWEI NOVA Y72 (128GB+8GB)GH₵ 2,750
HUAWEI NOVA 12I (256GB+8GB)GH₵ 500

Infinix phone prices at Franko Phones

PhonePrice in Cedis
INFINIX NOTE 40 (X6850) PRO (256GB+8GB)GH₵ 4,100
INFINIX NOTE 40 (X6850) PRO (256GB+8GB)GH₵ 4,280
INFINIX NOTE 40 (X6853) (256GB+8GB)GH₵ 3,285
INFINIX HOT 40 (X6836) (256GB+8GB)GH₵ 2,550
INFINIX HOT 40I (128GB+4GB)GH₵ 1,540
INFINIX HOT 40 PRO (X6837) (256GB+8GB)GH₵ 2,800
INFINIX SMART 8 (X6525)GH₵ 1,200
INFINIX SMART 7 HD (X6516) (64GB+2GB)GH₵ 1,105

Itel phone prices at Franko Phones

PhonePrice in Cedis
ITEL RS4 (256GB+8GB) (S666LN)GH₵ 2,230
ITEL S24 (128GB+4GB)GH₵ 1,556
ITEL P55 (128+4)GH₵ 1,150
ITEL P55+ (128GB+8GB)GH₵ 1,531
ITEL A70 (A665L) (256GB+4GB)GH₵ 1,085
ITEL 2166GH₵ 130
ITEL S23+ (S681LN) (128GB+4GB)GH₵ 2,000
ITEL A70 (A665L) (128GB+3GB)GH₵ 1,025
ITEL A05S (32GB+2GB) (A663L)GH₵ 860
ITEL S23 (128GB+8GB)GH₵ 1,435
ITEL A04 (32GB+2GB)GH₵ 785
ITEL S23 (256+8) 4G PLUSGH₵ 1,555
ITEL P40+ (128+4) PLUSGH₵ 1,350
ITEL S18 PRO (64+4)GH₵ 1,300
ITEL P17 PRO (32GB+2GB) 4GGH₵ 660
ITEL A58 PRO (32GB+2GB)GH₵ 660
ITEL S17 (16GB+1GB)GH₵ 865
ITEL 5626GH₵ 265
ITEL 5615GH₵ 215

Nokia phone prices at Franko Phones

PhonePrice in Cedis
NOKIA 105 (NEW) TA-1557 DSGH₵ 150
NOKIA C32 (64GB+4GB)GH₵ 1,400
NOKIA C21 (32GB/2GB)GH₵ 1,100
NOKIA G10 (32GB+3GB)GH₵ 1,280
NOKIA 210GH₵ 420
NOKIA 6310GH₵ 560
NOKIA G10 (64GB+4GB)GH₵ 1,400
NOKIA C20 (16GB/2GB)GH₵ 930
NOKIA G20 (64GB/4GB)GH₵ 1,400
NOKIA 150GH₵ 400
NOKIA 5310GH₵ 500

Samsung phone prices at Franko Phones

PhonePrice in Cedis
SAMSUNG A556 (A55) (256GB+8GB) 5GGH₵ 6,599.50
SAMSUNG A556 (A55) (128+8) 5GGH₵ 6,199
SAMSUNG A356 (A35) (256GB+8GB) 5GGH₵ 5,799
SAMSUNG A356 (A35) (128+6 ) 5GGH₵ 4,799
SAMSUNG A256E (A25) (256GB+8GB) 5GGH₵ 4,599
SAMSUNG A055F (A05) (64GB+4GB)GH₵ 1,379
SAMSUNG A055F (A05) (128GB+4GB)GH₵ 1,599
SAMSUNG A057F (A05S) (64GB+4GB)GH₵ 1,759
SAMSUNG A057F (A05S) (128GB+4GB)GH₵ 1,979
SAMSUNG A346 (A34) (128GB+6GB)GH₵ 4,099
SAMSUNG A042 (A04E) (32GB+3GB)GH₵ 1,249

Tecno phone prices at Franko Phones

PhonePrice in Cedis
TECNO POVA 6 NEO (LI6) (256GB+8GB)GH₵ 2,775
TECNO POP 8 (BG6I) (64GB+4GB)GH₵ 1,330
TECNO SPARK 20C (BG7) (256GB+4GB)GH₵ 1,950
TECNO CAMON 30 5G (CL7) (512GB+8GB)GH₵ 5,390
TECNO CAMON 30 PRO 5G (CL8) (512GB+12GB)GH₵ 6,530
TECNO CAMON 30 (CL6K) (256GB+8GB)GH₵ 3,425
TECNO CAMON 30 (CL6K) (256GB+12GB)GH₵ 3,840
TECNO SPARK 20 PRO+ (KJ7) (256GB+8GB)GH₵ 3,325
TECNO SPARK 20 PRO (KJ6) (256GB+8GB)GH₵ 2,855
TECNO SPARK 20 (KJ5) (256GB+8GB)GH₵ 2,250
TECNO SPARK 20 (KJ5) (128GB+4GB) 4GGH₵ 1,650
TECNO POP 8 (BG6) (64GB+3GB) 4GGH₵ 1,265
TECNO POP 8 (BG6) (128GB+4GB) 4GGH₵ 1,500
TECNO POP 7 BF6 (64+2) 4GGH₵ 1,145
TECNO SPARK 9 PRO (128GB + 4GB)GH₵ 2,012
TECNO SPARK 8C (KG5K) (64+3)GH₵ 1,512
TECNO T352GH₵ 230
TECNO T467GH₵ 290
TECNO T475GH₵ 325
TECNO T101GH₵ 155
TECNO SPARK 8P (128+4) 4GGH₵ 2,048
TECNO T529GH₵ 345
TECNO POP 5P (32+2GB)GH₵ 1,024
TECNO POP 5 (32GB/2GB)GH₵ 1,067
TECNO T485GH₵ 380
TECNO T402GH₵ 260
TECNO T313GH₵ 215

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