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Emma Robert’s Thriving in American Horror Story’s Latest Hit: Delicate

Anyone who is a fan of American Horry Story, the series that was developed by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk has had a long history of delivering mind-bending, edge-of-your-seat series for many years now. 

While each series focuses on a new topic, some things have remained the same, including some of the same actors.

Some of the favorites that we are used to seeing in the American Horror Story anthology include Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, Billy Lourd, and Emma Roberts, who already had an impressive acting background by the time she made her way to American Horror Story. Of course, along the way, she did make Scream 4, and Scream Queens, a rite of passage for many young actors.

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Emma Roberts Early Start in Acting

Being related to a top star certainly has its perks. At a young age, Roberts would often visit movie sets with her aunt and dad, Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts. It was during these occasions that the young Roberts caught the acting bug and it seemed natural that she would follow in their footsteps. In 2001, Roberts got her first onscreen role as the daughter of Johnny Depps’ cocaine-kingpin character in the movie Blow. This is a pretty significant first role for being just 10.

After that, the roles kept coming. She became a tween favorite for her role as Addie Singer in Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous. After that, the roles kept coming. As she got older, the roles kept coming. She took on the title role of Nancy Drew in the 2007 film and continued appearing on the big screen and TV. In 2010, she starred in an ensemble cast of Valentine’s Day, which also included her aunt, Julia Roberts.

More Mature Roles on the Way for Roberts

While some young actors have a difficult time transitioning from young roles to mature roles, Emma Roberts had no such problem. Roles in movies like “We’re the Millers” sent her down the path of achieving her own legion of fans, according to TheFamousPeople.com.

One of the most interesting career choices for Roberts was taking a role in American Horror Story. This is where she became a favorite cast member for the Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy team. She has played numerous roles in several of their series, with each character being so different from another, that she has had the opportunity to show her acting chops.


The latest addition to the American Horror Story anthology was called Delicate, Part 1. In her latest role, she plays a successful actress who is fulfilled in her career but is struggling with infertility. When the series goes on hiatus, we find that Robert’s character is expecting, and continually runs into eerie characters that she feels are threatening her life and her child.

As with most of Falchuck/Murphy’s shows, there are many twists and turns and Delicate is no different. As we await Delicate: Part 2, we are left wondering about Robert’s character. Is she losing her mind? Are the odd characters she sees really there?

And will she safely deliver her child? One thing we know for sure, as always, Roberts will deliver a great performance as she has done again and again.