9 months ago

How to pick equipment for your mushroom growing farm? A guide for beginners

Running your own business, in this case, a mushroom growing farm, means the need for constant decision-making. Some choices are minor, but others have far-reaching consequences.

The decisions related to equipment for mushroom farms belong in the latter category. Well-picked equipment can lead to increased productivity and higher worker satisfaction, so it should be every mushroom farm owner’s priority. Read on to learn more about what makes certain pieces of equipment great (and what to avoid)!

Mushroom picking lorry

Modern mushroom picking lorries are jam-packed with useful, technologically-advanced features that make picking easier, safer and more efficient. For example, in older models, pickers needed to manually turn a crank in order for the platform to move. It’s not only time-consuming but also physically demanding.

Producers began to search for ways to improve their lorries in this regard. Therefore, in new models, platform movement is fully automated (up and down, as well as left and right). All the picker has to do is press a button. It’s a much quicker option that allows the pickers to focus on what’s important—efficient and precise picking.

Mushroom scales

Mushroom scales need to be precise, durable, and easy to use. When selecting the right model, it’s worth paying attention to the way the devices are powered. 

Battery-powered scales are a good choice, as there’s no cable that could be damaged due to the harsh conditions present on the farm. There’s also no need for frequent charging. Replacing the batteries every few months is fast and easy.

Climate control

As with the cultivation of every vegetable, mushrooms need to grow in optimal conditions in order to be of the highest quality. Advanced climate control systems not only ensure that such conditions are maintained but also lead to significant savings on heating, cooling and ventilation (without compromising on the quality of mushrooms).

Remote control 24h/7, easy and intuitive operation, precise measurements thanks to a wide array of sensors—those are some main advantages of high-quality climate control.

Choosing the right mushroom farm equipment, while slightly more expensive in the short term, will prove to be the right investment in the long run. It’s one of the most important factors that affect the business’ overall profitability, so there’s no room for mistakes. High-quality equipment which will meet even the highest standards can be purchased from such reliable suppliers as GROWTIME.

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