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Is Lux Pascal Transgender? Who is Lux Pascal?

Lux Pascal, real name Lucas Balmaceda, is an American-Chilean entertainer and transsexual lobbyist. She came out as a transsexual woman in February 2021, accepting her identity and advocating for the transsexual community.

BornLucas Balmaceda Pascal
EducationPontifical Catholic University of Chile (BA)
Juilliard School (MFA)
Years active2011–present
PartnerJosé Antonio Raffo (2011–present)
RelativesPedro Pascal (brother)

Is Lux Pascal Transsexual?

Lux Pascal, born on June 4, 1992, in California, is the younger sister of entertainer Pedro Pascal. She freely emerged as a transsexual lady in February 2021, sharing her journey and encounters in a main story for Ya magazine. Lux began chemical treatment in July of the previous year and expressed gratitude to her family, particularly her brother Pedro, who openly supported her progress.

Prior to accepting her lifestyle as a lady, Lux identified as non-binary and came out as a gay male. Lux is pursuing a career in acting, graduating from The Juilliard School’s MFA Acting program in May 2023. She has gained recognition for her roles in Narcos, La Jauría, and La California. She continues to support transgender and non-double networks.

Who is Lux Pascal?

Lux Balmaceda Pascal is an entertainer and transsexual lobbyist with American-Chilean ancestry. She is known for her work in the media and her advocacy for the transsexual community. Lux, an American by birth, celebrates her Chilean heritage. Her approach gained national attention when she came out as a transgender woman in February 2021, sharing her experiences and contributing to transsexual advocacy.

Lux has become well-known in the acting world, having appeared in a variety of projects that showcase her abilities. Beyond her profession, she remains a visible voice for the transgender community, using her foundation to push for understanding and acceptance. Lux Pascal remains a famous character, both in the distraction industry and as an avid supporter of transgender freedoms and perceivability.

Lux Pascal Age

In 2024, Lux Pascal will be 31 years old. Lux, whose real name is Lucas Balmaceda, was born in California on June 4, 1992. She is the youngest of four siblings and her older brother is actor Pedro Pascal. Lux’s parents, José Balmaceda and Verónica Pascal, are from Chile. Because her mom was connected to a political person, their family had to leave Chile after a big event in 1973. Lux spent her early years in California but moved to Chile when she was three years old. There, she attended Saint George’s School.

Lux started studying at a special school for acting in Chile in 2010 and then went to a famous school in America to learn even more about acting. In 2021, Lux told everyone that she is a trans woman and changed her last name to her mom’s family name. Lux has been in a relationship with another actor since 2011. The things that happened to Lux when she was young, her time in school, and the things she has accomplished have all made her into the actor and trans rights activist she is today.

Lux Pascal’s Career

In 2014, Lux Pascal made her theatrical debut in Pablo Rotemberg’s play “La noche obstinada,” during her fourth year of focusing on venues. Her television career began that same year, with her most notable role as “Axel Mill operator” in Waterway 13’s series “Los 80.” Lux continued to make headway in the broadcast industry, co-starring in the TVN drama “Juana Brava” in 2015 and Trench 13’s “Veinteañero a los 40” in the following year.

Lux made her film debut in 2016 with her performance in “Prueba de actitud,” which was directed by Augusto Matte and Fabrizio Copano. Wandering into global series, she played Elijah in the third season of Netflix’s “Narcos” in 2017, passing the screen to her brother Pedro. Lux advanced her career in 2019, appearing in three Chilean films: “No quiero ser tu hermano,” “Ella es Cristina,” and “The Ruler.”

Lux Pascal Accomplice

The accomplice of Lux Pascal is José Antonio Raffo de la Jara, an entertainer and artist. The two have been seeing someone since 2011. Lux, born Lucas Balmaceda, openly identified as a transsexual woman in February 2021 and changed her name to reflect her maternal surname. Lux and José occasionally give glimpses into their relationship through virtual entertainment, expressing their friendship for one another. José, a vocalist and guitarist in the band Témpera, showcases his musical abilities.

Lux Pascal, known for her work as an artist and her support for the transsexual community, frequently posts romantic moments with José on Instagram, providing a glimpse into their strong and caring organization. Two or three have been together for a long time, supporting one another throughout Lux’s personal and professional journey.


1. Who is Lux Pascal?
Lux Pascal is an American-Chilean entertainer and transsexual dissident, born as Lucas Balmaceda on June 4, 1992. She is known for her parts in different television series and movies, including Narcos, and for her support work in the transsexual local area.

2. How did Lux Pascal emerge as transsexual?
Lux freely emerged as a transsexual lady in February 2021 through a main story in the Spanish-language Ya magazine. She uncovered that she began chemical treatment in July of the earlier year.

3. What is Lux Pascal’s instructive foundation?
Lux studied venue at the Ecclesiastical Catholic College of Chile in 2010 and graduated with an Expert of Expressive arts (MFA) in acting from The Juilliard School in May 2023.

4. Who are Lux Pascal’s relatives?
Lux is the most youthful of four kin, including entertainer Pedro Pascal. Her folks, José Balmaceda and Verónica Pascal, were banished from Chile after the 1973 overthrow.

5. Who is Lux Pascal’s accomplice?
Lux has been involved with entertainer and artist José Antonio Raffo de la Jara beginning around 2011. José is a vocalist and guitarist in the band Témpera.