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Price of Pragya in Ghana

A photo of Pragya in Ghana

In places like Kumasi, Kasoa, Cape Coast, Obuasi, Tamale, Ho, and so on, people frequently use tricycles, also known as Pragyas, for commercial transportation. Initially, you would have found taxis and Trotros as the only means of commercial transport, but this narrative has changed due to the advent of Pragya, which offers a more flexible way of transportation and is cheaper. There are various brands of tricycles built in India and China. Before the arrival of Pragya in Ghana, we were only familiar with its use as a mode of transportation in Indian movies.

Here is a list of Pragya brands and their respective prices.

BrandPrice in Cedis
Bajaj RE35,000 Cedis
Apsonic18,000 Cedis

Which of the Pragya brands, Bajaj or Apsonic, is better?

When using Pragya for commercial purposes, especially in African terrain, the vehicle’s durability is critical. However, how do you determine which brand is superior before making a purchase? Truth be told, each of them has their good and bad sides. For example, the Bajaj has a smaller size and is very easy to control; it also has more speed than the Apsonic. One could also argue in favor of the Apsonic due to its larger size and capacity to support heavier loads compared to the Bajaj. Essentially, if your preference is for speed and ease of control, opt for the Bajaj. If you are looking for a Pragya that can carry a lot of load, then you should go for the Apsonic.

How does the Pragya look?

The Pragya’s design is simply amazing. The front consists of only one wheel, like a bicycle, while the back consists of two wheels to enable easy maneuvering on rough roads. The tricycle was named after this type of design. The Pragya’s body is somewhat hollow, as it lacks actual doors to cover its entrance. The Pragya’s design allows air to flow through it, regardless of its motion or stillness.

How does it feel to ride in Pragya?

I first encountered the Pragya when I relocated from Pedu Junction to the UCC Campus in Cape-Coast, and I decided to give it a try. I must admit, it was comfortable and full of ventilation due to the lack of a door and glass windows. The only drawback is that moving on a rough surface can cause some shocks. But aside from that, everything is just fine.

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