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Selling on Etsy vs Amazon: Guide for E-commerce Businesses

Selling on Etsy vs Amazon is a tough call, right? Well, there are so many artisanal goods and home goods that you want to sell to everyday customers on these platforms. So it’s important that you figure out the right channel so you can reach your potential customers.

How do you make such a tough decision?

That’s why we’re here. Read on to see why you should sell on Etsy and why you should also think about getting that shop on Amazon as well.

Benefits of Selling on Etsy

Etsy is one of the most popular online marketplace platforms for sellers. It provides the convenience of selling products all over the world without the need for expensive websites or storefronts.

Etsy also offers a range of features and marketing tools to help sellers reach more customers. Here are the major benefits of selling on Etsy:

Easy To Get Started On

One of the biggest benefits of selling on Etsy is how easy it is to get started. There is no need for any up-front costs since the fees are minimal and you can start selling as soon as you sign up. With no need to worry about inventory, handling sales, or collecting payment, Etsy can become the perfect platform for entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

All you need is an idea and something to sell, a few pictures, a title, and a description. You’ll receive a direct link to your store to share with potential customers. With its easy setup, low upfront costs, and visibility on a global marketplace, Etsy is a great way to start your business with minimal risk.

Extensive Range of Products Available for Sale

Among the most popular items on Etsy are handmade and vintage goods. This includes clothing and accessories, household items, art, illustrations, and photography.

Etsy’s wide range of products means sellers have more options when setting up their shops, allowing them to create a unique store identity. Moreover, since Etsy features items from creative around the world, this presents buyers with a variety of options to choose from.

Reviews and Feedback From Customers Are Also Easily Accessible

On Etsy, customer reviews are made visible. This makes it easy to review feedback from customers and understand how your buyers are feeling. Additionally, feedback can be sorted by product, giving sellers the opportunity to understand what areas can be improved on.

Reviews on Etsy are also shared through a central platform, giving buyers a platform to provide honest feedback. Retailers can use this feedback to make changes to their product offerings and customer service if needed.

Advantages of Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon can provide great advantages for businesses looking to reach a wide audience. There are advantages such as:

Amazon Is Positioned Well in Search Engine Rankings

Amazon holds one of the highest positions when it comes to search engine results. This gives them an advantage over other competitors. When a customer is searching for a specific product, Amazon will show up at the top of the list allowing more people to see their products.

They also have an algorithm that brings customers to the most relevant product pages, without having to search for it. This provides more visibility to the product and more potential sales.

Having an advantage in search engine rankings also allows Amazon to gain more customers, which is a huge benefit for any business. This allows them to reach more people which can result in more sales.

Amazon Offers Low Transaction Costs

Amazon offers low transaction costs compared to traditional retail and other online platforms. This means that sellers can keep more of their proceeds, providing them with more capital to invest in growing their business. Furthermore, sellers can take advantage of Amazon’s marketplace services such as fulfillment by Amazon, resulting in lower operating costs.

Moreover, utilizing an Amazon seller lawyer can provide extra protection and help sellers through the process of setting up and managing an Amazon selling business. With a dedicated Amazon lawyer, sellers can rest assured that all their legal needs have been addressed, from registering the business to creating binding contracts with customers.

Tips for Maximizing Your Profits on Etsy and Amazon

Do your research to make sure you are aware of what types of products are popular and in demand. Doing this will help you plan ahead and make sure your products are sold. Consider the cost of creating packaging, and shipping your item, and then set your price accordingly.

Another key tip for maximizing your profits is to make sure your listing is as detailed as possible and that your item is presented in the best way possible, including quality pictures. Make sure you market your products using social media and email campaigns to spread the word. Following these tips, when selling online will help you maximize your profits and make running a successful business much easier.

Different Types of Fees Involved in Selling on Each Platform

Selling products on Etsy or Amazon can be a lucrative way to make money, however, there are some different fees associated with selling on each platform. On Etsy, sellers are required to pay a listing fee, a payment processing fee, and a transactional fee. Listing fees are charged for each listing, the seller creates as well as for any items that they renew.

Payment processing fees allow Etsy to cover the cost of processing each transaction. Transaction fees are charged on the sale itself, and this helps cover the cost of the services offered by Etsy. On Amazon, sellers must pay a variety of fees, including a referral fee, fulfillment fee, and a variable closing fee.

The referral fee is a percentage of the total sale and is non-refundable. The fulfillment fee is charged per order and covers the cost of fulfilling, picking packing, and shipping orders. The variable closing fee is charged on certain items such as media, jewelry, and automotive parts.

Find Out the Difference Between Etsy vs Amazon for Selling Your Products

When deciding between Etsy vs Amazon for your e-commerce business, it’s important to assess your needs and understand the differences between the two platforms. Amazon may be a better choice for larger businesses, whereas Etsy may work better for more niche products.

Regardless of what option you choose, planning and research are essential! Start exploring now to determine which platform suits your business purpose best.

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