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Things To Do In Florence Italy

They do not call Florence the “Cradle of the Renaissance” for dramatic effect. A hundred lifetimes are not enough to fully explore the city that inspired many of the greats.

Are you awed by stunning architecture? Florence will leave you speechless. Does history pique your interest? Florence has a number of world-famous museums. Are you always looking for new food to try? Florence brings to your table the best of italian cuisine. Experience seamless getaways with all inclusive holidays Italy. Explore Florence’s charm and things to do for a memorable vacation.

On top of that, Florence is a destination that can cater to all budgets. All of this while your backdrop looks like a landscape out of a Terence Malik film.

While there are a huge variety of things to do in Florence, here are the best of the lot.

Things To Do In Florence: The Essentials

  1. Piazza della Signoria: The Piazza is one of the most famous in all of Italy, and visiting it should top your list of things to do in Florence. It is an outdoor sculpture gallery. Here, you can browse replicas and originals of the most famous sculptures from the renaissance. The most famous pieces here are a replica of the “David” and “Perseus With The Head Of Medusa”. Discover Florence’s allure and endless activities, then set sail on a captivating Nile Cruise for an unforgettable journey.
  2. Ponte Vecchio: The Ponte Vecchio is to Florence what the Avenue des Champs-Élysées is to Paris. The Ponte Vecchio is a medieval-era stone bridge that has some amazing views. It is also lined with cafés and shops that sell jewelry and souvenirs. An evening stroll along the Ponte is top of our list of things to do in Florence.
  3. Duomo di Firenze: The Duomo is an iconic landmark that marks the city’s skyline. To the rest of the west, the Duomo is better known as the Florence Cathedral. A climb to the top will have you out of breath, but the view leaves you breathless. It would be criminal to not visit the Duomo, making it one of the best things to do in Florence.
  4. Uffizi Gallery: The Uffizi Gallery is the most famous art museum in the world, dare we venture. It boasts a remarkable roster of many of the great Italian artists. These would include the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, and Michaelangelo, among many others. A simple visit to an art gallery doesn’t seem to be one of the best things to do in Florence, unless that gallery is the Uffizi.
  5. Galleria dell’Accademia: The Galleria is where you will see the sculpture synonymous with the renaissance: Michelangelo’s David. And this one is no replica either — this is the original. Alongside David, you can explore many other works by Michaelangelo here.

Things To Do In Florence For Art Lovers

  1. Palazzo Pitti: The Palazzo is a palace complex built by Italian master builders that is considered a work of art. The palace complex can be a full day trip, as it houses a whole collection of attractions. The Palazzo has multiple museums and art galleries, showcasing works by names like Rubens, Titian, and Raphael. If you are an art aficionado, then a visit here is one of your go-to things to do in Florence.
  2. Bargello National Museum: The Bargello used to be a prison, now it is a museum. Here, you can admire sculptures by Michelangelo, Donatello, and Cellini, among others. The bargello boasts an impressive collection, among the best in the city. This is why it earns its spot on the list of things to do in Florence.
  3. San Marco Museum: The San Marco Museum is actually a former Dominican convent. Today, it holds a valuable collection of art by Fra Angelico, most of which is spiritual in nature. For anyone interested in renaissance art, this is one of the best things to do in Florence.
  4. Medici Chapels: The Medici’s were Italy’s most famous royal family. The Medici chapels are in a mausoleum built to house the members of the family. Aside from a stunning array of sculptures, the crown jewel here is a dome by Michaelangelo.
  5. Florence Art Studio Visits: Visits: even today, Florence abounds with artists. Indeed, you can find one working at every street corner. One of the best things to do in Florence for art lovers is to book a visit to a local art studio. Here, aside from painting your own heart out, you can watch local artists work. It is truly an experience that simply cannot be compared to anything else.

Things To Do In Florence For Food Lovers

  1. Mercato Centrale: The Mercato centrale the definition of a “bustling market’. Here, one can feast on authentic Italian cuisine, being a street food paradise.
  2. Trattorias and Osterias: As they say, the best food is where the locals eat. An evening walk will reveal to you that certain cafés only open during certain times of the day. Here, you will get truly authentic Italian cuisine, run by the hospitable local mamme.
  3. Cooking Classes: Give a man pasta, and he eats for a day. Teach a man how to cook pasta, and he goes up two trouser sizes. Sure, you can learn how to cook Italian food anywhere, but where can you learn to cook Italian food from an italian? In Florence!
  4. Wine Tasting: Why would anyone go to Italy, and not explore her wine? There are many wine tasting vineyard tours all around Florence. These should be on everybody’s list of things to do in Florence.

Things To Do In Florence Architecture Enthusiasts

  1. Palazzo Vecchio: The Palazzo Vecchio used to be a communal town hall once upon a time. Now, it has become a major tourist attraction. It features some of the best worked frescoes, renowned the world over. The Palazzo is known for its ornate decoration and impressive architecture.
  2. San Lorenzo Basilica: The larger building in which the Medici Chapels are housed. The San Lorenzo Basilica is where the Medici Family have been laid to rest. The ornate blue and gold decoration is said to be among the best in the world. Truly a must-do on any Florence vacation.
  3. Palazzo Strozzi: More likely than not, you will find some sort of event going on at the Strozzi. It hosts a great many temporary exhibitions and cultural events. The Strozzi features impressive architecture, beautiful sculptures, and ornate decoration.
  4. Santa Maria Novella: Italy has an extremely close relationship with her church.  Among the hundreds of beautiful churches in the country, the Novella is the best-known. It is known for its renaissance inspired interior and the collection of art it houses.

Things To Do In Florence For Explorers

  1. The Secret Passageways Tour: Italy has a great many secret tunnels. Guided tours of the city’s passageways are quite exciting. The best-known of these is the tour of the Vasari Corridor. The tour takes you from the Palazzo Vecchio to the Palazzo Pitti via the Uffizi Gallery.
  2. The Fiesole Excursion:  No trip to Florence is complete without a visit to nearby Fiesole. Here, you can find old ruins to explore, have a picnic, and enjoy the best out-of-city views of Florence.
  3. San Miniato al Monte: If you like hiking, then this one’s for you. After a leisurely hike, you reach the top of a hill. Here, you will find the San Miniato al Monte church, from where you will get a view of Italy that not many people ever see.


Florence is one of the few cities that we can say has something for everyone. The list of things to do in Florence has only just begun. 

Whether you prefer a guided experience, or whether you like to do things on your own, Florence allows you to dictate your experience.

Hopefully, this article has given you a yardstick to plan your itinerary by, and we’ll see you in the next one.
Remember — do not base your Florence vacation on other peoples trips, make it your own.

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