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Top Advantages of Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches offer many advantages as packaging for consumable products. Flexible materials weigh less than rigid containers and can be very durable. You can also fully customize the appearance of stand up pouch packaging, from finishes to digitally printed designs. Learn more about some of the advantages of custom stand up pouches.

Puncture & Tear Resistant

The top advantage of stand up pouches is that these flexible packages can be made of materials that resist puncture or tearing. Mylar has become one of the leading food flexible packaging materials on account of its durability. This material is also a popular choice for child-resistant packaging.

If you choose to package products intended for a general audience in Mylar pouches, you should consider ease-of-use features. Tear notches are indentations that can make it easier for consumers of all ages to open products without using cutting tools.

The same properties that make Mylar resistant to punctures and tears also function as a barrier that excludes oxygen and moisture from sealed packaging. After a consumer opens a package, a reclosable zipper can help to prolong the freshness of contents.

Tons of Finish Options

A choice of finish options is another advantage of flexible packaging. Whether you select standard polyethylene or Mylar film, you can specify a glossy or matte finish to customize how pouches look and feel.

Paying attention to every aspect of the consumer experience, including the tactile appeal of packaging, can distinguish your products from competing offerings. In addition to finishes, you can also choose from a wide variety of other package design options.

Flexible packaging has the option for transparent or clouded windows. These designs give customers a preview of products while still providing barrier functions. A clouded window can limit light exposure, which could prolong the shelf life of ingredients that are highly sensitive to environmental exposure.

Custom Digital Designs

In addition to the materials, feel and look of your packaging, there are many ways to further customize printed film packaging. Digital package printing eliminates the need to produce plates. A packaging service that uses this technology can work with brands to digitally design and print packaging.

Advanced digital printers that accommodate flexible films can render high-resolution text and graphics and photo-quality images on stand up pouches. You can work with a provider to select colors, fonts, graphics or images and design package layouts.

Stand up pouches tend to have more surface area than lay flat pouches, sachets or stick packs. This type of packaging allows plenty of room for any required product and nutritional labeling and custom designs to give your products the best presentation.

Stand Up To Stand Out

Stand up pouches are more likely to stand out on store shelves and in cabinets or pantries after purchase than lay flat pouches. Increased visibility can lead to more frequent purchases. If you want to boost the shelf appeal of your products, contact a packaging provider to discuss the best custom stand up pouch materials and design options for your products.