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x_lily_x Age, Bio, Nationality, Wiki, Height and Boyfriend

x_lily_x works as a CB network cam girl. Camming is another subset of the adult entertainment business. Some people would rather just camm, some would rather record adult videos and post them on popular sites like PH, Fanly, and so forth, while still others would rather do both. Though your understanding of x_lily_x is limited, you may have been enjoying her videos. I can assure you that she is stunning on the inside as well as the appearance, and her background on how she began camming is fascinating.


x_lily_x and her siblings were raised in a modest home. As they say, even as a youngster you will definitely show characteristics of the person you will become later in life. x_lily_x in this instance showed early interest in modeling. She has amused hundreds of fans as a well-known camgirl these days. Thousands of Camgrils and Camboys live on the CB site. Though some cammers need a code to access their profiles, x_lily_x’s is free to view, and you can join her live cam sessions whenever you’re interested.


Real NameLily
Date of birthApril 1, 1994
Age30 years

What is the age of x_lily_x? 

The fact that x_lily_x was born in the generation known as Gen Z is the primary reason why she appears to be so lively when you watch her on the cam. She was born in April 1, 1994, currently 30 years, and I have high hopes that she will continue to be quite active on CB for many years to come.


The adult film industry places a high value on personal appearance, leading some actors to enhance their bodies to position themselves as possessing unique physical attributes. x_lily_x possesses inherent qualities that enhance her beauty. Take her brunnette hair, which runs all the way beyond her shoulders, and her height, which is around 5 feet 4 inches tall. Furthermore, her beautiful tattoo on her left arm complements her appearance to a great degree.

Net Worth

Setting up a professional environment just to kick start camming requires money, so having fans alone cannot be enough grounds for people to start camming careers. x_lily_x took up the opportunity to start camming because she wanted to gain financial freedom, and luckily enough, that is paying off. Currently, her net worth is impressive, and a little computation will help here. Taking into account her length of time in the industry, the number of subscribers she has on CB, and the amount she earns per cam session, we can estimate her net worth to be approximately $450,000.

Who is x_lily_x’s boyfriend?

Love is beautiful, and everyone deserves love. The only point of contention lies in the fact that adult stars typically have no interest in romantic relationships. It is common to find their relationship status to be either single or open. The status of x_lily_x’s relationship is unknown at the moment, but I hope to learn more soon.

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